Increasing the Value of the pharmacy shopper basket

Kos Sclavos AM

Health Strategist, Director & Pharmacist

Get an overview of the Australian pharmacy market and hear about the pressing issues that will be
influencing the industry. Learn practical tips that you can implement in your store to increase
shopper basket size and deliver sales growth.

Breaking the dry skin cycle

Giaan Rooney OAM

Olympic Gold Medallist & TV Personality

Having suffered dry and sensitive skin her whole life, Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer Giaan Rooney
put her symptoms down to the countless hours she spent in the pool with harsh chlorine chemicals.
However, since retiring from swimming in 2006, her skin challenges didn’t subside. Hear Giaan
explain why good skin is important in both her personal and professional life, and how she’s learnt
to manage her skin conditions with products like E45.

Foot Health: Putting the right foot forward

Dean McGregor

BAppSc – Podiatry

The foot is a complex structure and is important to the function of the rest of the body.1 This session
will reveal how the foot works, how different foot conditions can impact overall health and quality of
life, and the role of insoles, orthotics and other treatment interventions in assisting with foot pain
and improving patients’ lives.

Navigating customers through osteoarthritis flare ups

John Bell

Specialist Practitioner/Teacher at UTS

Joyce McSwan

Founder & Director of PainWISE

Osteoarthritis remains one of the two most prevalent, persistent pain conditions in Australia and
affects 1 in 5 Australians over the age of 45.1 Explore how you can help care for your patients with
osteoarthritis, especially when they experience dreaded flare-up days.